Practice Areas

Bilgehan Law Office provides legal and legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign natural or legal persons. Our office, which operates in many areas, provides the best opportunities and reaches the solution in the fastest way.

Criminal Law

We provide legal and advisory services to our clients during the stages of filing a criminal complaint, as the complainant / attending / suspect / defendant attorney and in the investigation and criminal proceedings.Learn More »

Business Law

The relationship between the employer and the employee; the preparation of contracts, termination, labor receivables (wages, severance pay, notice pay, overtime, annual leave, general holiday, week holiday, OSI, premium, bonuses) provides services.Learn More »

Health Law

Regarding legal disputes between persons or institutions receiving, providing and benefiting from health services; It provides advocacy and legal consultancy services for the follow-up of lawsuits arising from Health Law and for the resolution of disputes that may arise between individuals and institutions.Learn More »

Divorce Law

Legal and advisory services are provided in the legal processes arising from family and inheritance law, such as divorce, alimony, financial and moral compensation, property regime, custody and guardianship between the spouses.Learn More »

Capital Law

Real and legal persons are provided with national and international financial transactions with our experts and consultants in accordance with the law.Learn More »

AccTraffic and Insurance Traffic Accidents Law

Provides legal services in the compensation and insurance process with our experts and consultants in cases of material damage, injury and death caused by traffic accidents.Learn More »